When patients come to see me in the clinic they often accuse me of being a little bit cynical because I don’t believe everything that they might have heard on the web, or from some other source telling them that there’s the latest cure. The fact of the matter is that I think that I’m softening in my old age and that’s because I’m starting to see real signs of hope overhype.

Science is making advances and I am starting to see things that really do offer the prospect of potentially modifying the disease, slowing the disease, stopping the disease, curing the disease. And before you go saying “I won’t do anything because the cure might be just around the corner”, please bear in mind that we actually have a lot of treatments that exist right here and right now. Whether they’re medications, whether they’re operations, whether they’re nothing like that – but maybe physiotherapy, physical exercise, speech therapy, brain training – that you can do yourself online. All of these things are positive strategies and it’s time for us to fight back against these diseases and I think now is the time that we can do that with a reasonable expectation of success.