To tackle all of those things that you will have seen you will have heard and I think the overriding message is if you heard it first from Google or a friend of a friend then probably and you should investigate further before you go spend any money you know whether it’s seaweed or whether it’s electric shocks the nipples whatever it is – you should probably think twice.

And really what I want to do is to sort of frame this around, I guess this concept. The idea that actually you see things and they’re not necessarily always as they seem. So let’s start with this concept of Mice and Men, a very famous novel, but an actual effect important in the context of what I’m going to tell you about, which of course relates to the fact that so many times you will have seen something or heard about something where it usually, you know, says look we’ve got these fantastic results we think this is going to be great. And then you read the small print in what you realize is that six mice have been tested with some kind of drug or some kind of experiment and and the mice maybe survived and what this is essentially is, is somebody wanting money.

When I was back in Cambridge with Roger Barker and I said, “You know what? What’s the story with this?” and he says “Look the bottom line is, if you’re a company, a technology company and you want investors, what you do is, you know you get together a little bit of data, you plug it into some mainline media and it’s much easier…

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